Types of Wine

Types of Wine and Characteristics   

Red Wine


Light Bodied and Fruity, Full Bodied and Savory

Tannins- Average, Above Average, Not Very Sweet,

Color: Variety of Red Color



Location- California/ Australia

Description – hearty, spicy, savory

Taste- Black fruit (currants) pepper spice,

Cabernet Sauvignon

Location- Germany, Australia, California, Chile

Description – Gripping, firm

Taste- Black cherry, baking spices, Cedar,


Location- West Coast, Australia, France

Description -Moderate, Cold Hardiness

Taste- Black Cherry, Herbal flavors,


Location- California, Italy, Croatia

Description– fruity, spicy

Taste – Strawberry, Sweet Tobacco, Blackberry, Raspberry

Pinot Noir

Location- Oregon, California, Germany

Description- Tart, long finish

Taste- Cherry, Clove, Mushroom, Cranberry


White Wine 


Savory Light and Sweet, Dry and Rich

Tannins- Below Average, Average

Color: Variety of White/Yellow Color



Location- France

Description- dry, full bodied, zesty

Taste- Buttery, Yellow Apple, Starfruit

Sauvignon Blanc

Location- France, Spain, Austria

Description- light- bodied, Herbal Green Fruit

Taste- Honeydew Melon, Passion Fruit, Gooseberry

Pinot Gris

Location- North Italy, France

Description- Light-Bodied, Dry, Light in Alcohol,

Taste- Honeydew Melon, Lemon Pith, White Peach


Location- Germany

Description- Off Dry, Tart, Sweet

Taste- Apple, Honey, Lime