Winery Equipment

Listed below is some other equipment needed in the wine-making process.

PNEUMATIC GRAPE & SOFT FRUIT PRESSES: For the gentle pressing of grapes and soft fruit to give a quality must or juice.

From 4 hl to 150 hl drum capacity in both Open and Closed options.

Larger options as clsoed type.

Automatic machines with control over timers for crumbling, each intermediate pressure phase and the total pressing time.

Axial feeding for crushed, destemmed grapes. Door feeding for crushed, destemmed and whole bunch pressing.

Many accessories are available, such as automatic control over feed pumps and juice extraction pumps.

Conveyors for pomace discharge.


For high quality grape handling.


For pumping into grape press or fermenters.


For high solids separation from liquid medium eg. juice clarification.

Automatic and continuous systems for product clarification by flotation with or without dosing of filter or fining process aids.

This process is suitable for large volume separation processing either by batch or continuously.