Wine Grapes

Grapes in Wine


There are over 10,000 different varieties of grapes used for consumption. Of these 10,000 varieties about 1,500 are used for making wine. Each grape has a different shape, size, and flavor.

There are two types of grape Vitis Vinerifera (Europe), and Labrusca (Canada and Eastern U.S.).

Name Location
Auxerrois Luxembourg and Canada
Barbera Italy
Cabernet Franc France
Chardonnay Australia, South Africa, California, France
Chenin Blanc US, South Africa ,France
Cinsaut South France, Lebanon, South Africa, Australia
Colombard South Africa
Cortese Italy
Ehrenfelser Canada
Gamay France, US
Gewurztraminer Italy, Germany,  US, Canada, Australia
Grande Vidure Chile
Kerner Germany, Michigan
Lemeberger Austria, Washington
Merlot France, Italy, Australia
Muller-Thurgau Germany, New Zealand
Muscadet Australia
Muscadine US Mexico
Muscat Italy
Muskat Krymskii Bulgaria, Ukraine
Nebbiolo Switzerland,
Optima German
Ortega Canada
Pino Blanc California Austria Italy
Pinot Grigio France, Germany, Austria
Pino Nior Oregon, Italy, California, Germany
Pintage South Africa
Riesling Germany, France, Austria, California
Sauvignon Blanc Franc, California
Scheurebe Germany
Semillion Australia California
Seyvak Rocky Mountains
Sylvaner France, Alsec Germany
Shiraz France, California
Vidal Blanc  US,
Zinfandel California Southern Italy