Wine Industry and Basic Information

Wineries and Market Analysis  


Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage among many ages and cultures. Most wine drinkers drink at home especially older generations above 69. Baby boomers are next to follow, Generation X, and lastly Millennials. Boxed wine or bargain bottle buyers seem to be the most popular. Bargain buyers can buy 6 bottles of wine at grocery store for 10% off the individual purchase price, and gallon bottle buyers.  Supermarkets, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants are some of the most popular places to buy wine. As mentioned above, France and Italy are the highest importers of wine, followed by Australia. Wine from the United States is mostly created in California (90%). Over 25 million wineries are visited for tourism and provides over 45,000 people with employment. Because of the growing concept of wines and the sophistication of growth, wine is very similar to the craft beer industry. Both are growing at a steady rate and compromise a big part of American culture.